About Me

About Me

I guess this is the section I write “About Me”. I have never been very good at that ha, what can I say. I like to ramble, moan and complain about things. I like to play computer games and learn new things so I made this personal blog for all of that.

I have dabbled in building websites for years. I always go through a pattern of making a few sites, have ideas for other sites, leave them unfinished and then take them down again and cancel my hosting to save money. Then I feel like pottering with sites once more so I start all over again! I always build a personal blog or a personal site, a showcase site or even just upload some of my old sites.

I have also contributed to other sites, I was, well still am an Author at manapool.co.uk and have looked at starting to write reviews again. I also dabbled in some other websites but they just never became popular so with all the others just get taken down when I cut back on things.

Ideally I want to keep these going, but lack of interest and time slowly sees less and less activity on these sites so they come down. This time I want to keep it up regardless. Someone will be interested one day!

The same can be said with a lot of things I do, I have written and left unfinished Stories, Scripts, programming I have been learning, I have even left games uncompleted. A lot of it I guess you can say is down to time, it just seems there is an awful lot of things I like to do or try and not enough time to do it all.

Likes and Dislikes

Everyone has a long list of these things, just so you get to know the kind of person I am, here are a few of my likes and dislikes.

Science FictionMornings
TV and MoviesCoffee
SteakPeople wandering in the middle of the isle
MilkReading Books
Learning new thingsTV Soaps
GadgetsBeing Late
SleepBeing Broke


It’s funny, I even researched the best approach to making a catchy “About Me” page and most sites suggest being honest and grabbing the attention of your readers. And yet, I have opened this page by saying I leave stuff unfinished and I do not know what to write, and have now gone on to write a whole page of dribble!

So, that’s me! You will find plenty of opinions and random ramblings on here, a lot of my colleagues and friends find it funny so I hope others do to!