My second post :)


Ha, over two years and I finally come up with my second post. It has been so long that WordPress has changed the way you make posts and it confused me somewhat. I still can not get it to do excerpts properly so the summary post on the front of the site is just all squished up 🙁

I shall attempt as always to keep posting stuff as I do tend to ramble and moan a fair bit so might be an idea to put it down here for everyone else to enjoy. In the meantime just for fun I added some random but what I thought was fun plugins to experiment with, one of which is the Twitch wall in the menu. This will simply just show twitch streams for my friends or favourite channels. I refuse to pay for the pro version of that so it will only show streams when people are online.

Anyway! I have a new job, I am now single, I game a lot and I am currently watching Stargate SG-1 again. So, I will fiddle with this editor some more and will attempt a fairly constructive post in the coming days 🙂

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